Intro of the Lingo Ninja App
A short and long description of Lingo Ninja

What is Lingo Ninja (short version)

Lingo Ninja is a free, fun way to learn Thai. Also part of our vision is to support marginalized people, such as migrant workers and refugees. We are using a highly interactive approach (similar to Duolingo but with videos and grammar training). 

We currently provide two courses:
  • Thai Letters
    learn reading Thai in a week
  • Conversations
    learn beginner's Thai in 2 weeks
Again, all our courses are completely free.  Our courses include a grammar coach, videos, and tests (see screenshots below).  All content is spoken by native speakers.

Why is Lingo Ninja free?

Our aim is also to be as accessible as possible to marginalized people. Therefore Lingo Ninja is available for free and compatible with slow data connections.

This group of users has the following requirements:
  • cheap courses that bring immediate benefits
  • load fast despite low bandwidth
  • very clear design, easy to use

This is how we address these requirements:
  • Pricing:
    • Free platform, financed through ads
  • Design
    • Use of gamification
    • No grammar rules, but a tutor
    • Easy to understand interface
    • Organize our content (videos, sound files, grammar, tests, ..) in a format that is easy to navigate
  • Technology
    • Optimized for fast loading
    • Small download sizes of videos, audio files, etc.
    • Embed low-resolution videos from other platforms


  • spaced repetition
    to optimize the student's learning speed, we frequently repeat learned content. The frequency is reduced with increasing understanding of the student.
  • heavy use of videos
    we heavily rely on videos. To make learning more fun and to demonstrate how native speakers use the language.
  • grammar coach
    instead of learning grammar rules, we have an interactive coach who explains the rules and trains us how to use them.
  • gamification
    You learn more if learning is fun. So we turn learning into a game.
  • web app
    to maximize compatibility, we use this new form of websites that can also be installed as an app.
  • optimized for mobile phones and low bandwidth
    most users use mobile phones to access the internet. Our website can be used on computers but is optimized for on-the-go learning on mobile phones.

Longer Version (Marketing speech)

Lingo Ninja is an independent online language learning and research platform.
We are using computational, educational, and managerial techniques to make learning better. Our goal is to give everyone the same experience you would get with a top-class language tutor, combined with the availability and possibilities offered by an online platform.

There are many reasons to learn a language. You might try to improve your job and support your family. You just might be on the way to your next vacation. But no matter your reason, we try to give you the best language learning experience, custom-tailored to your needs.
  • customized & personal using modularization, we break long lessons into short modules. You can pick and choose modules to learn in any order, and control how much you want to learn each day.
  • fun & interactive using gamification, we turn learning into a game. If learning is boring, you get easily distracted. If you are distracted, you don't learn. To break this cycle, we made Lingo Ninja fun.
  • innovative we constantly strive to make Lingo Ninja better. With limited resources available, we focus on what has the biggest impact and can be delivered fast. We are focused on the long run and dedicated to improving your experience on all levels.
  • accessible no matter if you're rich or poor, learning late at night after a long day of work, or just on your way to your next vacation. You can use Lingo Ninja anywhere, anytime.

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