Prepositions: "With" in Thai
To use the word "with" in Thai is not straight forward. Depending on its grammatical function, you need to use different Thai words.
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With in Thai

In Thai there is no single word for "with", as the English word "with" can have different grammatical functions. These functions require the use of different words in Thai. Let's go through the functions of "with" one by one:
  • people being together - e.g. I went with him
  • instruments used - e.g. I fixed it with my hands
  • include something - the car comes with insurance

People being together

To talk about people being together, you use the word กับ :
  • [person 1] [verb] กับ [person 2]


He walks with me
เขา เดิน กับ ฉัน
Literally: he - walk - with - I

I speak to him. / I speak with him
ฉัน พูด กับ เขา
Literally: I - speak - with - he

Instrument used

To indicate the instrument used, two patterns are used:
  • [subject] + [verb] + [object] + ด้วย + instrument
  • [subject] + ใช้ + instrument + [verb] + [object]


I washed my hands with soap
ฉัน ล้าง มือ ด้วย สบู่
Literally: I - wash - hand - with - soap

I washed my hands with soap
ฉัน ใช้ สบู่ ล้าง มือ
Literally: I - use - soap - wash - hand

Include something

To express that something includes something else, or that someone is holding or carrying something, or that things happen at the same time, we use พร้อมกับ :
  • [subject] [verb] [object 1] พร้อมกับ [object 2]


Take medicine with food.
กิน ยา พร้อมกับ อาหาร
Literally: eat - medicine - with - food

He comes at the same time as I.
เขา มา พร้อมกับ ฉัน
Literally: he - come - with/at the same time - I
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