Impolite particles
Although not recommended for the use of language learning beginners, these particles are important to know.
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1 min read · published July 11, 2021

Impolite particles

All impolite particles have two different meanings: 
  1. they indicate closeness with good friends. For this meaning, they are typically used with friends of the same age and equal status. They might be used, for example, with drinking buddies while being out drinking.
  2. they indicate rudeness and aggressiveness to strangers. In the movies, these are the particles used by the bad guys.
As language learning beginners, avoid using impolite particles. If you use them incorrectly, you might offend the other person or start a fight.  If your good friends use these particles with you, you can use them as well.
  • ว่ะ /หวะ /โว้ย - more commonly used by males, but can also be used by females. These particles are used in statements only. หวะ is just a different way of writing ว่ะ , they are pronounced identically.
  • วะ /หว่า - similar to the particles above, but these particles can also be used in statements and questions.
  • ย่ะ - similar to ว่ะ , but used by females only
  • ยะ - similar to วะ this particle can be used in questions and statements. It is used only by females.
  • ฟะ - similar to ว่ะ


What the hell are you doing?
ทำ อะไร วะ
Literally: do - what - impolite particle
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