Seven Ways to Ask for the Price in Thai
The Thai language has multiple options to ask for the price of an object. See the examples.
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This article is a summary of all the different ways to ask for a price. More in-depth grammar explanations can be found in the article How Much Do You Love Me? (Questions of Degree in Thai).

"How much is ...?" for tourists

If you are a tourist and want to know the price of an object, you can simply point at it and say: 
  • เท่าไหร่ คะ (if you are a woman), or 
  • เท่าไหร่ ครับ (if you are a man).
This literally means "how much" + adds a polite particle.

Note: The Thai language uses special words, so-called polite particles, to convey politeness. These are words like คะ and ครับ . Except for the sentence above, all other examples in this article drop the polite particles to keep them short and gender-neutral - but you should NOT do that in real life. Please always use polite particles. To learn more, please read our article on Thai polite particles.

How much vs. How much is the price

To ask for the price, you can use the simple pattern: 
  • How much is [object]?
    [object] + เท่าไหร่ ?
But this a simplification of the full pattern, which is also used often:
  • How much is the price of [object]?
    [object] + ราคา + เท่าไหร่ ?
    (ราคา means "price")
Both questions expect an answer with a number, e.g. "5 Baht".


Q: How much is this?
     อัน นี้ เท่าไหร่ ?
     Literally: Thing - this - how much?

Q: How much is the price of this?
     อัน นี้ ราคา เท่าไหร่ ?
     Literally: Thing - this - price - how much?

A:  Five Baht.
      ห้า บาท
      Literally: five - Baht

How expensive is ...

This allows also non-numeric answers, like "very expensive". Here is the pattern:
  • [object] + แพง + แค่ไหน ?


Q: How expensive is this?
     อัน นี้ แพง แค่ไหน ?
     Literally: Thing - this - expensive - how much?

Note: You cannot combine ราคา and แค่ไหน . Instead, you have to use แพง .

How many Baht is ...

There is a third way of asking for the price, using กี่ , the Thai word for "how much" and บาท , "Baht", the currency of Thailand. So, we can ask:
  • How many Baht is [object]?
    [object] + กี่ + บาท ?
The answer would be:
  • [number] Baht.
    [number] + บาท


Q: How many Baht is this?
     อัน นี้ กี่ บาท ?
     Literally: Thing - this - how many - Baht?
A:  Five Baht.
      ห้า บาท
      Literally: five - Baht

Price per something

If you ask for the price per something (like price per kilo), the possible patterns are:
  • How much is [object] per [something]?
    [object] + [something] + ละ + เท่าไหร่ ?

  • How many Baht is [object] per [something]?
    [object] + [something] + ละ + กี่ + บาท ?


Q: How much is this per kilo?
     อัน นี้ กิโล ละ เท่าไหร่ ?
     Literally: Thing - this - kilo(gram) - per - how much?

Q: How many Baht is this per kilo?
     อัน นี้ กิโล ละ กี่ บาท ?
     Literally: Thing - this - kilo(gram) - per - how many - Baht?

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