How Much Do You Love Me? (Questions of Degree in Thai)
How long ...? How heavy ...? How much ...? How many ...? Learn how to ask these questions in Thai, see examples and understand the patterns behind them.
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Questions of Degree vs. Questions of Manner

"How...?" questions need to be separated into 2 types of questions, that behave quite differently:
  1. Questions of Degree
  2. Questions of Manner
Questions of Degree ask to quantify something about the subject. In English, they usually start like 
  • How long...?
  • How short...?
  • How much...?
  • How many...?
Questions of Manner, on the contrary, ask how something is done. In English, they look like 
  • How to...?
  • How do you...?
Questions of Manner are covered in the article How Do You Say...? (Questions of Manner in Thai)

Questions of Degree in Thai

There are different patterns for questions of degree in the Thai language. Click on the yellow words to hear the sound:
  • How much...?
       ...เท่าไหร่ ?
  • How long/high/heavy/old/...?
       ...[dimension] + เท่าไหร่
  • How many...?
       ...กี่ + [unit]? 
  • How much/many per...?
       ...ละ เท่าไหร่ ? or 
       ...ละ กี่ + [unit]? 
We wrote a shorter article on Seven Ways to Ask for the Price in Thai. Please read that, if you are only interested in this aspect.

Let's go through the patterns above one by one.

Note: The Thai language uses special words, so-called polite particles, to convey politeness. These are words like คะ and ครับ . All other examples in this article drop the polite particles to keep the examples short and gender-neutral - but you should NOT do that in real life. Please always use polite particles. To learn more, please read our article on Thai polite particles.

How much in Thai

This question has a very simple pattern:
  • [object] + เท่าไหร่ ? (formal/written Thai)
  • [object] + เท่าไร ? (colloquial / spoken Thai)
This question form always asks for the price of an object, similar to "how much does it cost?".

You can use either เท่าไหร่ or เท่าไร , both are correct. But เท่าไหร่ is more formal. In the rest of this article we will only use เท่าไหร่ , although again, both words can be used.


Q: How much is this?
     อัน นี้ เท่าไหร่ ?
     Literally: Thing - this - how much?

Q: How much (did) you buy (this for)?
     คุณ ซื้อ เท่าไหร่ ?
     Literally: You - buy - how much?

Q: How much discount (can you give)?
     ลด ได้ เท่าไหร่ ?
     Literally: Discount- can - how much?

Q: How much (does) she sell the house (for)?
     เธอ ขาย บ้าน เท่าไหร่ ?
     Literally: She - sell - house - how much?

How long/high/heavy/old/... in Thai

The pattern is the following:
  • [object] + [dimension] + เท่าไหร่ ?
What is a [dimension]?
In English you ask "How long...?", "How far...?", "How old...?", "How expensive...?" something is.  The words long, far, old, expensive are the dimension of the object you want to explore.  We use the placeholder [dimension] for that.


Q: How much is this?
     อัน นี้ ราคา เท่าไหร่ ?
     Literally: Thing - this - price - how much?

Q: How heavy is this?
     อัน นี้ หนัก เท่าไหร่ ?
     Literally: Thing - this - heavy - how much?

Q: How tall is this?
     อัน นี้ สูง เท่าไหร่ ?
     Literally: Thing - this - tall - how much?

Q: How far is the restaurant?
     ร้าน อาหาร ไกล เท่าไหร่ ?
     Literally: Shop - food- far - how much?

Q: How old are you?
     คุณ อายุ เท่าไหร่ ?
     Literally: You - age - how much?
Note: To ask for the age of objects, you use นาน . This is also used for asking a duration of time (how long...?). Read more in the article When?/How long? in Thai

How many in Thai

To ask "How many" in Thai, you use the word กี่ . But similar to English, you need to specify the unit (in English for example "How many years, how many days, how many people, etc.
  • [object] + กี่ + [unit]?
The answer usually consists of a number and the same unit:
  • [number] + [unit]


Q: How many Baht is this?
     อัน นี้ กี่ บาท ?
     Literally: Thing - this - how many - Baht?
A:  Five Baht.
      ห้า บาท
      Literally: five - Baht

Q: How many kilo(gram) is this?
     อัน นี้ กี่ กิโล ?
     Literally: Thing - this - how many - kilo(gram)?
A:  Five kilo(gram).
      ห้า กิโล
      Literally: five - kilo(gram)

Q: How many cups of coffee (do you) want?
     เอา กาแฟ กี่ ถ้วย ?
     Literally: Want- coffee - how many - cup?
A:  Five cups.
      ห้า ถ้วย
      Literally: five - cup

Q: How many children (do you) have?
     มี ลูก กี่ คน ?
     Literally: Have - children - how many - person?
A:  Five children.
      ห้า คน
      Literally: five - person

Q: How many days (do you) go?
     ไป กี่ วัน ?
     Literally: go - how many - day?
A:  Five days.
      ห้า วัน
      Literally: five - day

How much/many per ... in Thai

The patterns for these questions in Thai are:
  • How [dimension] is [object] per [something]?
    [object] + [something] + ละ + [dimension] + เท่าไหร่ ?
  • How many [unit] is [object] per [something]?
    [object] + [something] + ละ + กี่ + [unit]?


Q: How much is this per kilo?
     อัน นี้ กิโล ละ เท่าไหร่ ?
     Literally: Thing - this - kilo(gram) - per - how much?

Q: How many Baht is this per kilo?
     อัน นี้ กิโล ละ กี่ บาท ?
     Literally: Thing - this - kilo(gram) - per - how many - Baht?

Q: How much per person?
     คน ละ เท่าไหร่ ?
     Literally: person - per - how much?

Q: How many Baht per person?
     คน ละ กี่ บาท ?
     Literally: person - per - how many - Baht?

Q: How expensive per person?
     คน ละ ราคา เท่าไหร่ ?
     Literally: person - per - price - how much?
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