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Why is there no Tai course on Duolingo and what are the best alternatives?
Lingo Ninja Research Team
1 min read · published September 5, 2021
It seems there is a lot of interest in a Thai course on Duolingo. People are asking for it in the Duolingo forum (here and here) and even on Reddit.

So far, the best alternative to a Thai course on Duolingo is Lingo Ninja. It offers:
  1. letter and conversation courses
  2. a great dictionary (words, consonants and vowels)
  3. an excellent grammar resource
Also, Lingo Ninja uses lots of videos and tries to be even more interactive than Duolingo.

Why is there no Duolingo course to learn Thai?

Here are the 2 main reasons why language learning sites don't offer Thai:
  • Not enough demand, or tough to generate revenues. In short, this means Duolingo would not earn enough with a Thai course. Despite about 70m people speaking Thai, the majority of Thai learners comes from the surrounding countries (Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia, even India and the Philippines). You would not earn as much with a course targeted at these nations, as with a course that is predominantly used by Europeans or Americans.
  • Complicated course creation. Thai is a tonal language with a very complicated alphabet. It might require significant adaptation to Duolingo's setup to implement such a course.

Why do platforms like Lingo Ninja offer Thai courses?

Lingo Ninja focuses on language teaching for free. We know who is most interested in learning Thai, and we try to support these groups with the best tools we can offer - for free.

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