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How to count in Thai
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Thai numbers 0 to 10

Thai has its own digits for 0 to 9. Numbers in Thailand are written like in the west, simply by replacing western digits with Thai digits.

Thai numerals (number words) 0 to 10

Numerals are the words that describe a number, for example, the "two" in "two cats". Here are the numerals for zero to ten in the Thai language:

How to count numbers between 10 and 9999

Thai numbers higher than ten are tricky and have a few extra rules that you need to follow. 

Multiples of 10

To build multiples of ten, you need to follow one rule and 2 exceptions:

Rule: 30, 40, 50, ... 90
These numbers are easy to pronounce. You use the numeral 3 ... 9 and add the numeral for 10: 
Exception: 20
Thai has a special word for twenty:
Exception: 10
The number 10 is very easy to pronounce. As listed above, 10 is simply:

Numbers ending in 1 (like 11, 21, 31, ..., 101, ...)

All numbers ending in 1 follow a simple pattern: You have to use เอ็ด ...1
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instead of หนึ่ง 1
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Multiples of 100

For multiples of a hundred, you use the word ร้อย 100
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after the numeral for 1-9
So, let's see some examples for numbers up to 999, combining all rules up until now:

Multiples of 1,000

The Thai word for thousand is พัน 1,000
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. Similar to multiples of a hundred, you use the word พัน 1,000
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after the numeral for 1-9.
Here is a more complex example:

How to count to 9,999,999

Thai has some numerals which might be surprising for speakers of Western languages:
You combine these numerals similar to the rule for hundreds and thousands. Let's try some examples:

10 million and up

Now, the system starts to repeat. Just count the number of millions in Thai, and put it before ล้าน 1,000,000
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In the Thai language, you read decimals similar to English. You say จุด point
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and then you read the digits one by one. Here are some examples:


To say fractions in Thai, you read the part above the line, then say ส่วน part; fraction; as for
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, and then you say the part below the line. Let's see some examples:
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