How to say Thank You in Thai
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2 min read · first published March 30, 2021 · last update April 22, 2021

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Thank You in Thai - for most situations

Women say: ขอบคุณ ค่ะ
Men say: ขอบคุณ ครับ

See it in this video:

Saying "Thank you" in Thai depends on the situation and whom you are talking to. But ขอบคุณ ค่ะ /ครับ is the "all-rounder" for saying thank you in the Thai Language.If you use it, you are never wrong. It is polite and also appropriate in formal situations when you are talking to older people or people in higher positions. But it is also regularly used with friends.

Polite particles

At the end of a sentence Thais use ค่ะ and ครับ . Women use ค่ะ , and men use ครับ . If you don't use ค่ะ or ครับ you sound odd or slightly rude. Read this article, if you want to learn more about polite particles in Thai. 

Thank You Very Much in Thai

Women say: ขอบคุณ มาก ค่ะ
Men say: ขอบคุณ มาก ครับ
If you want to be extra polite, just add มาก . มาก means very, or a lot.

See it in this video:

Thanks or Thank You in Thai - when you are with friends

Thai polite particles are a great and easy way to vary our phrases. Here is what to use when you want to sound less formal:
Women can say: ขอบคุณ นะ คะ   (using คะ not ค่ะ )
or: ขอบคุณ นะ จ๊ะ (using จ๊ะ not จ้ะ )
Men say: ขอบคุณ นะ ครับ
Here is a short video:

(To learn more about how to use นะ , you can read the article about polite particles)

Another way to say Thanks in Thai is to use ขอบใจ or แต้งกิ้ว as an alternative to ขอบคุณ

Unisex: ขอบใจ นะ
Women say: ขอบใจ จ้ะ
Women say: ขอบใจ นะ จ๊ะ

Unisex: แต้งกิ้ว นะ
Women say: แต้งกิ้ว จ้ะ
Women say: แต้งกิ้ว นะ จ๊ะ
Men say: แต้งกิ้ว ครับ
or: แต้งกิ้ว นะ ครับ
Read แต้งกิ้ว aloud. I mean read it now. Yes, it's the English "THANK YOU". Nowadays it's completely fine to use the English "Thank You" and add a polite ending.

Thais love their ending particles. You can add นะ before ค่ะ and ครับ to make it "flow easier". Also, as a woman, you can also use จ้ะ or นะ จ๊ะ , so it sounds more "cute". This is even done by adults, it can be used by women of any age. Men can turn ครับ 'krab' into 'kab'. The Thai writing stays the same, you just leave out the "r" sound when you pronounce it. That's what most Thais do anyway.
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